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Monday, 14 May 2018

Doing a song with some Port-Harcourt “A LIST ARTISTES” is like wasting of Resources and Energy – POPULAR BLOGGER SPEAKS OUT

It is too bad the way and perspective some Phcity artistes that that have made it to limelight in one way or the other make the upcoming artistes feel about them; that is the mentality that keeps pulling phcity entertainment industry backward thereby placing it where it is today.
The truth must be told, we are not supportive at all to each other, everyone want to be a boss over everyone, then how would that work? You have to be loyal to somebody for someone to be loyal to you.
Someone calls you to do a song with you and you think it’s for play? Have you ever ask yourself or thought about “WHY THE PERSON WANTS TO FEATURE YOU IN HIS OR HER SONG” and maybe after paying you or taking care of your logistics for the song to be done, after recording or doing the song you abandon it only the owner. It’s too bad! 

Then the purpose for featuring you or doing a song with you is not fulfilled, as a popular or as a good musician when someone features you, you also contribute to the promotion and publication of that song in your own quota, Call Radio/Tv stations within your reach to play the song because you are part of the song. Call bloggers/Media houses to post, hype and promote the song, no man is an island.
None of the big artistes you know today made it only on his/her own; someone was there to support either as a Record Label, Group of Friends, Politician, Philanthropist, Parents, Siblings and so on just as the case may be.

I must say this about 80% of Phcity based featured artistes hardly or do not get/download, promote/share hear/listen to the song they are being featured in after the immediate recording of the song, then tell me what kinda artiste are you? Someone calls you to shoot the video of a song you are been featured and you perform awfully (IN THE SENSE THAT YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THE SONG TOO WELL BECAUSE YOU ONLY HEARD IT ONES ON THE DAY OF IT’S PRODUCTION ONLY) and yet you blame it on phcity video Directors, if I catch you eh say you blame Phcity video Directors of poor or nonstandard video from Port-Harcourt, you dey form boss you no get swag…
Apart from few artistes that have done wonderfully well to distinguish themselves from other Phcity artistes thereby keeping to standard and maintaining it, it is too bad that over four (4) years we haven’t heard any hit song in Portharcourt that made wave massively around the country and globally apart from some Phcity – Lagos based acts.

NO BE COURSE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS BUT IF E PROVOKE YOU, I urge you to do more in portharcourt to make it a better place for entertainment, let’s rethink and change our ways, mindsets in other to move Phcity entertainment industry to greater heights thereby making it attractive for Record Labels, Entertainment Companies and Investors to come in and invest and do business in.



Thursday, 8 March 2018

Photos: Woman allegedly burns her boyfriend and their four-year-old daughter to death in South Africa

    A man and his four-year-old daughter died after they were allegedly  doused with petrol and set alight by man's partner.

Khulekani Mshibe and the couple's little girl died from severe burn wounds sustained last Sunday at their home.

The girl died at Bheki Mlangeni District Hospital in Jabulani, while Mshibe later died after being transferred to Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital.

The woman and the couple's other daughter, aged one, who were also burnt during the incident, are in a critical condition at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital.

Neighbours, who spoke to The Sowetan, said the couple's relationship had been volatile and they had heard them argue frequently.

One neighbour, who asked not to be named, said he had ignored the noise coming from the couple's home on Saturday night as simply another dispute.

"We knew that they fought a lot. We would frequently hear them arguing. The woman was shouting at Khulekani and was accusing him of cheating and that she would kill the kids and herself if he left them," he said.

He said the woman had apparently locked their shack's door with a chain, trapping the family inside before setting up the blaze.

"It seems like when they all went to sleep she got up, locked the door and doused them with petrol before setting everyone on fire," he said.

Sizwe Nkomo, another neighbour, said residents struggled to rescue the family of four while the fire engulfed their shack.

"The children's screams were chilling and we heard them from a few houses away. They could not escape and we could not enter the shack," he said.

Nkomo said community members tried in vain to put out the blaze with water carried with buckets.

Mshibe's brother, Simphiwe, said the family was shocked by the incident.

"We didn't expect something like this to happen although we knew they had problems," he said.

He said they were waiting for the elders to arrive from KwaZulu-Natal in order for both families to have a meeting.

Police spokesman Captain Hector Netshivhodza, who confirmed the incident, said they were investigating an inquest and an attempted murder case.

"At the moment we haven't been able to question anyone because nobody saw who started the fire or who was there around the time the fire started. No arrests have been made," he said

'Stop playing, nobody displaces a queen like Asa' - Simi tells a fan on twitte

    A fan on twitter told singer, Simi that she seems to have displaced Asa from the game. Lol. That's so funny!

Simi however wasn't going to have it. She immediately replied, ''nobody displaces a queen like Asa. Yo!!! Stop playing. We just get another throne and Queen together'.

''Most Nigerians Who Pay Tax Are Low Income Earners'' Kemi Adeosun

    The Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun has said those who pay tax in Nigeria are mainly  low-income earners and salary earners whose taxes are being deducted at source. Speaking on the issue of tax payment during her appearance on Channels Television recently, Adeosun said

Most of the taxpayers we have in Nigeria today are salary earners. They are about 94% of our taxpayers. I think we have about 14million taxpayers and 13.5million are pay as you earn. So, those are people whose income tax is being deducted at source. These are largely low-income earner. So would it be fair for those who made the most and have the most to be forgiven? Because if we do that, then we should also refund those who have actually paid their taxes. In the spirit of fairness, we think it is right the way we designed it,” she said.
VAIDS is a Federal Government initiative for assets declaration and in exchange for fully and honestly declaring previously undisclosed assets and income, taxpayers benefit from forgiveness of overdue interest and penalties.

The Minister said VAIDS is user-friendly as those coming to declare assets enjoy agreement to make payment in installment.

Missing Osun state university student, Olaniyan Yemi is not in our custody" Lagos Police

  The Lagos police command has revealed that the news on the internet purporting that one Olaniyan Yemi, a final year student of accounting at Osun State University is in their custody is false.

A viral social media message had alleged that Olaniyan, a final year Accounting student, went to the police division on the night of Tuesday, February 28 to submit some documents for industrial training. He was said to have been a first timer in Lagos.

In a statement signed by the Lagos state PPRO, SP Chike Oti, the command stated that there is no record to show that Olaniyan was at any Lagos state police stations. Read the statement below

The attention of the Lagos State Police Command has been drawn to a posting on  the internet purporting that one Olaniyan Yemi, ( resident in Osogbo), a final year student of accounting at Osun State University,  Okuku Campus, who came to Lagos to submit  documents for his IT at an ICAN office in Lagos and thereafter slept at Ojodu Police Station, is  missing. It was also mentioned in the posting that Mr. Olaniyan Yemi's trip to Lagos was his first to the city.

The Lagos State Police Command hereby states categorically that Olaniyan Yemi was never a guest at Ojodu Police Station as alleged. There's no record to show that he was at any Police station in Lagos either as a visitor or a detainee. Besides, no Police station in Lagos operates as a guest house. It is not allowed.

Going forward, the Command wishes to advise the concerned family to report a case of missing person to the police so that the matter can  be thoroughly investigated. For instance the detectives would want know which of the ICAN offices in Lagos the missing person went for the submission of his document because there's no ICAN office close to Ojodu Police Station. Secondly, it was stated in the write up that the missing student is a first time visitor to Lagos, the detectives would like to know if arrangement was made for him to contact anybody on arrival and so on. Please hurry up and report this matter to the police because  time is of essence.

SP Chike Oti
Police Public Relations Officer
Lagos State

Anambra state Governor, Willie Obiano fires all 18 commissioners in his cabinet

      Governor Willie Obiano of Anambra state has fired all 18 commissioners in his cabinet, senior special advisers and all political appointees as he prepares for his second term inauguration.

The Governor, in a memo signed by the secretary to the state government, Prof. Solo Chukwudebelu on Wednesday, ordered political appointees, non-civil servant heads of MDAs, SSAa and SAs to submit their handing over note to their  Permanent Secretaries or Secretary to the State Government.

“His Excellency, Chief (Dr) Willie Obiano, Governor of Anambra State, has directed that all political appointees and non-civil servant heads of MDAs in the state submit their handover notes/reports on or before Friday 16`” March 2018 to the Permanent Secretary of their respective MDAs, or to the most senior civil servant there in the absence of a Permanent Secretary. All SSAs/SAs are to submit their handover notes/reports to the Permanent Secretary, Office of the SSG. A copy of the handover note/report must be submitted to the Secretary to the State Government on or before Friday, 16th March 2018”, the memo partly reads.

The Governor also requested all affected to transfer any government properties in their care, including utility vehicles, to the permanent secretary, office of the secretary to the state government on or before Friday, 16th March 2018.  Obiano had earlier set up a committee headed by Ifeanyi Ibezim to oversee the inauguration of his second term in office as the governor of Anambra state.

Friday, 26 January 2018


Nigeria-International superstar Disc Jockey DJ DON FLASH has officially announced the date, venue and time for his forthcoming birthday celebration 

During the time of interview it was gathered that the superstar was born on 13th February but for the reasons best known to him he schedule the party to hold on the 18th of February 2018

There shall be lot of FUN | MUSIC | JOKE | MANY MORE from so many popular celebrities around Nigeria... Indeed this will be the biggest Birthday Bash outta Portharcourt this 2018 as it is currently one of the most talked about event on social media

So many are in great anticipation for the day is fast approaching... This is very important don't forget to bring a gift for me, it will be highly appreciated i swear


Red carpet: 6pm
Main Event: 7pm Till Mama Call

No. 228 Aba Road, 1st Artillery
The Street directlyOpposite Slot
Portharcourt, Rivers State

Shisha | Bannys | Smokes | Games

White & White Or
Black & White Or
Black & While

If you fail to maintain the dress code you won't be allowed to enter the show (Club)... There will be a bouncer at the door [Please Respect Yourself]



Friday, 12 January 2018

Nigerian photographer Emmanuel Asukwo Okwong confesses why he never holds a camera@welEminent

Some weeks ago a friend called me from church asking if I take passport photographs and of course my answer was “Yes”. He immediately said “ok, so how much is it for 8 copies?” I told him 5000naira. He was so surprised and he said the same thing you’re probably thinking right now: “Is it not passport, I can get 12 for N200 sef.” Of course it is just passport photographs and you can even get 20 for 200 or for free but the question is I’m I just an “ordinary” Photographer.

Sometimes in June, I did a free family portrait session for a potential client and (luckily for me) they loved it! Some days back, I got a call from them asking me to come take pictures for their anniversary and of cause they knew it won’t be free, so I charged them. They were so surprised and they were like “just for pictures? It’s quite expensive we already marketed you to people and if it’s this expensive they won’t call you.” Of course at that point I knew they were not my client!

One reason I hate shooting for free is that the clients might actually not know the worth of what they are getting for free. And it’s sad. You see, not everybody believed the gospel even when heard from Christ himself. They still didn’t drop their nets to follow him. In the same light, we should realize that not everybody is our client.

I hate it when I hear the question “is it not to take pictures?” But I’m glad to answer you here. Of course it’s just to take pictures but I’m not just a photographer. I’m a professional photographer. Not just because I use a professional camera, or because I trained at one of the best photography schools in Nigeria. It’s mainly because I’m different.

I think most photographers believe a camera is a symbol of photography, and as such want to be easily identified with it; in my case, I'd rather be the symbol, than hold it.

Saturday, 9 December 2017

Popular Blogger Dj Don Flash Becomes #RSBLOGGERSCOMMUNITY #NEW #PRESIDENT @9jaUpdate247

In a Porous country like this especially in Rivers State where you can declare whatever you wish or want, well i am blessed to be in this part of the country.

Without wasting time i bring to you Rivers State Frontline media professional CEO of 9jaUpdate247.com in a self concluded and conducted election from some many inner minds, it is finally ascertained that DJ DON FLASH is now Officially the new President of RIVER STATE BLOGGERS COMMUNITY.

This information is to notify the general public Nigerians at large that this regime will be better than ever, as i have promised to do my best to carry everyone along, resolving my to #NOCARTEL #NOGODFATHER

We are 9jaUpdate247.com the #HEARTBEATOFENTERTAINMENT we always bring to you first in hand updates... our genuineness got us this far and this Title of Presidency.

Any information/Inquires should be referred directly to us through our official email: 9jaUpdate247@gmail.com


Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Port-Harcourt Entertainment Industry Can Never Be Like That Of Lagos | See Why

I have actually taken time to study every development that occurred this year in Portharcourt, as many where heard only all over the social media making noise, some stealing and looting cash with the aim of improving our own Portharcourt Entertainment Industry.

Many of these men and women had their own selfish interest at heart while deceive people to buy there wicked idea that would help no one at all rather, filling there own pocket.

I am Uchenna Uwandu Founder and CEO of www.9jaupdate247.com i'm not saying all these for you to commend me, hate me or love, if e de pain you change is your case, i de my house come and beat me, i can not force you to change but the question is "HOW LONG CAN WE CONTINUE TO ENRICH ONLY OURSELVES ALONE?"

If you help the industry grow you will benefit from it, i will benefit from it, others will benefit from it, today will benefit, tomorrow will benefit, the future will benefit, so why kill it? 

Everywhere i go in Port Harcourt or each time i talk to pal about the industry and how it's has been so far they keep blaming Lagos and comparing Port Harcourt to Lagos Entertainment Industry, my dear please stop blaming Lagos or Lagosians we are the cause and reason for our backwardness in the industry today.

Here in Portharcourt we place money above our career, a career that if properly harnessed shall yield us a lot of earnings in a short period of time, enough to take care of us and others if we wish to help individually.

I won't mention any name but i must tell you, some Portharcourt artistes got no level at all, they are not professional, they don't put respeck on their name at all, how would you rate an artiste that goes behind his Record Label to take money for show (Portharcourt) and an artiste that respects his Record Label and refer you to them each time you call him for show (Lagos).

Somebody decides to waste his money on you to support you build your career and dream which in return he/she has the aim of recovering the monies wasted on you while you under construction to fame, to gain value in the industry all you do now is joke with the contract because you think you have arrived. #SMH

Brother/Sister you de block ways for others thereby making it difficult for people to invest into young talent because of the past experience many might not want to help anyone again and we blame our Portharcourt wealthy people for not picking up people and sponsoring them to stardom.

You sign contract with Record Label in Portharcourt you no fit keep to wetin you sign, you go about collecting shows/money behind your Label, i swear if you try that with me i go smoke you, i will go extra miles to make sure i wreck your life so that others can learn from it, well e de pain me sha i just have to say my mind.

I strongly admire the level of professionalism Lagos Artiste exhibit in their dealings in the music business, they understand it's business, they do it well, they love it put in their best, and it pays them large later.

Imagine the kind of contract Kiss Daniel Signed but he kept to it until the end, which Portharcourt artist can do that? abeg make we talk another thing a word is enough for anyone that is willing to change...


Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Photos + Videos From Dj Don Flash Video Premier "Play" Performance, Interviews (The Retrospect A Must See) @djdonflash @9jaupdate247

This video entails the full detail of how the much attended Dj Don Flash Video Premier went down from Interviews to artist performance are documented here in visuals for viewing pleasure.

 Download Video
Download Mp3

My special thanks to God Almighty for making the Play a success from Audio making to Video shoot and finally the premier and i thank everyone that made out time to come God bless you plenty. 
Thanks to the Boss of Life Mr Kingsley Agu CEO No Limit Tv for his kind support, Thank to Bulk Sms team (Sunny Server), All the Graphic Designers such as Ngraphics, Magic Strokes, Thanks to Royal Diamond Hotel, Thanks to Ndeen, Silver Emmani, PDA, All the Blogger that came through, Dj Smash, Trans-Amadi Fans Zone, ZMG, Hyperspotlight, Naijawavez, Bellzvibes, Mpnaija, Famous Motors, Muyi Line Motors LTD, Genero Motors, Uptown Beauty Center, Eastern Polytechnic Media House, All the Performing Artists, Video Directors, Dance Crews and every other person that came or supported in one way or another







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